Match Report
Loughborough Endowed Schools LGS 1st XI vs  Oundle School
On: Saturday, 03 Feb 2018
Venue: Away

Another convincing, efficient performance from the 1sts on another difficult surface. MoM Alfie 'Icardi' Mynard

On a pitch resembling something out of a WWI film, LGS set up against Oundle with confidence high from the draw away to Wellingborough. LGS pressed early on and held their organisation as paramount on a pitch where reducing mistakes would be crucial. Jay 'Pjanic' Werb was on hand after five minutes to find 'Hamsik' Horsnall for a placed finish from 20yds to put LGS in charge. Continuing to soak up pressure, LGS looked comfortable holding the line in midfield well with the only threat the ball into the centre of defence. Werb and Corden were looking to exploit the defensive holes and Werb was put through after 15mins and absolutely clattered by the keeper and, but for a dubious flag, a sure red card must have followed as Werb had neatly negotiated the keeper's advance - Werb came off soon after to be replaced by Mynard. The aerial threat of Oundle was negated by 'Godin' Armellini, 'Morgan' Pagett-Wright and 'Chiellini' Krupa leaving the midfield to pressure the ball with 'Marchisio' Towne sliding into tackles effectively. A corner for Oundle at the end of the first half was well defended initially but the ball back into the box found the one free man who made it 1v1. Just before half-time, 'Higuain' Corden, who had been quiet up to then, made a decisive run down the left and cut inside to score a deflected shot across goal to give LGS the lead into the break.

The second half saw LGS attacking on the counter and scored early on from a corner with MoM 'Icardi' Mynard volleying into the top corner. More good play in the midfield saw pressure applied from the centre-front two (mostly) and the fourth goal came from spreading the play out to 'Alex Sandro' Thompson. He cut to the byline, performed a roulette to beat the fullback and squared it for Mynard to get his second. Any other threats were dealt by being compact in the second half although Oundle made it 4v2 with a good free-kick effort from 19yds. Mynard ran through at the end and could have got his hatrick but instead dribbled it wide when 'Verratti' Gamble was free in the 6yd box.

Another tight performance going into the half-term. A friendly on Wednesday followed by an away game v Bedford to follow after half-term.